Release 0.1
Gutread  0.1

The GutRead utility will read texts from the Gutenberg Project and remove all the newlines saving hours of editing in your word processor.  It will also produce the text in XML format.

The gutread.exe utility takes the labour out of processing texts from the Gutenberg Project,  The utility is intended to be small and fast.

1. Typical Usage

    from the dos prompt in Windows:
    produces the help listing:

usage: gutreader <file_in> [/e] [/x]
  /e : does not output text before the *end* marker in the Gutenberg text file
  /x : output in XML

use the file redirector > to send to a new file
gutreader iliad.txt /e > my_iliad.txt

2. Releases
0.1 Initial Release on 14 July 2005